Thursday, March 6, 2014

Snowy, cold, March

Watching my brudder outside, wishing I was out there.
I missed diary yesterday because it was SNOWING! Snow in March! The birds were singing so loud, but mom and I didn't feel very good. Mom and dad both have a bad cold too. All of us pets curled up and slept the day away! Hopefully there is no more snow and I can go outside soon. Mom told me her and auntie Linda are trying to come up with new designs so I can play outside at our new rental place here. Right now there is no place safe fur me to be outside where I couldn't get sick or really hurt myself.

I like my new meds. I get chicken paste to eat them with now! Its super yummy! I actually feel good now too when they kick in. I can eat all by myself now without ANY help for my whole meals. Mommy had to change them back to 4 times a day because I was getting acid again and puking after I would eat. Mom always knows how to fix things! I enjoy walking a bit more now, I can do more steps when mom isn't looking. I am SO much more sneaky now, I can get from one end of the house to the other without making any falling sounds! Mom wonders how I do it, but I won't tell!

I had a bad few days last week, my ears were hurting and had fluid in them. Mommy called my Doctor and Doctor Jen didn't know what was wrong. She and mom call me their enigma fur a reason she says. But she gives mom some medicine just in case I was really sick. I never got real sick though, when the cold went away, so did my ear fluid. Then I played with banana, and squirrel, and moms feet! MOL!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The new meds...

Well I have been on my new pill for almost a week now. Mom and my Dr say its good. I don't know how much I can agree! I need to plan a revolt because this is animal abuse. Mom throws pills down my throat! I growl and I tell her, I don't think so.. and she still puts it in my throat. A bit later I get dizzy and tired. How can this be good?!

I do walk more. Mom said I killer her back because she took me walking around fur 20 mins and I was still wanting to walk more. Moms a old person now, geez! I can eat all by myself fur every meal now too, I am a big girl and I don't need moms help at all anymore. I admit, I am lazy and still like to fake I can't get up. It gets me time with mom, plus I get anywhere I wanna go faster than the other cats :P to them! Mom picks me up and away I go. Its much easier than actually walking. I think I have trained her well.

I got some great stuff off my wishlist too! Catnip banana is THE COOLEST TOY, well right now. I still love my tunnel and squeaky squirrel, he never seems to die no matter how much I kill him. I have some great furends! Chester tests toys fur me and then sends me only the good ones, he is so great! Mom got the book she keeps forgetting to get too, now she can continue to help other kitties. Sometimes her brain just isn't all there and she forgets if she hasn't dealt with an illness what the herb is for kitties. She says sometimes coffee isn't enough and a great book is still the key!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Weather Affected Days...

No, mom didn't go to the Dr. She is stubborn and rested instead and said thats what they would say to do and just give her stupid pills that wouldn't fix the problem.

Mom and I both been so tired! We couldn't find why, until mom noticed that it happened on snowy days, or days when the temperature changed really fast! It is a thing called barometric pressure (thank goodness fur spellcheck and fix) MOL! When the pressure falls or goes high really quick, we get tired and wobbly. So now mom knows when it will happen if she checks the weather and she can get ready.

**** THE BIG MEWS ****

I saw my Dr today, and they took my blood. It hurt so I had to growl, last time they did it in my front paw and I like that better, i don't like when i can't see it! So I growled, but my Drs helper, Janelle, was petting me and telling me it was gonna be ok, and … she was right. But alcohol tastes icky on my blood needle boo boo. YUCK!! I walked around the office while we waited fur my blood to come back, and…

ITS GOOD!! I am healthy healthy! Which means I can start my new medsin now! So mom gave me some. We don't know how long it will take, and we really don't know how good it will do fur me, but it is going to be a good try. The hope is that it will make me not dizzy, and the besets hope is that with no dizzies, I can walk more or walk all by myself forever! I hate pills, but I guess its worth trying if mom and my Dr think it's good. I have come to trust what they say now, if they say its good or its going to make me better, then I give in and do it. Well…MOST times.

Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Cold weather - Snuggles and sleep!

It has been so cold here. Mom has noticed a trend in me, that when it is cold out... I do not feel so good. Mom thinks maybe the outside pressure in the sky has something to do with it. She is a smarty cat! She talked to my Dr and we have found a pill I can maybe try to take the dizzies away if it is from my ears. It may take a bit to work, and it may take a little.. or a lot, we won't know yet. But i can maybe try it next week. I am kind of excited! I have been chasing, well trying to chase, Star lately and I can get SO close if I pounce good enough! She.. doesn't like that idea. But if I could run, I could chase Knigget and meet mom at the door, and so many other things!
I tried some of the other cats kibble food. YUK!

We are still working on my walking, it is good mom says. We are waiting to hear back from the physiotherapy lady, and mom can only do so much because she maybe broked her hip, she won't go to the Drs because then she says she is going to get told to stay in bed and she can't because she has to care for us. See.. THIS is where I get my stubborn from!

I have been sleeping on the bed with mom and dad almost every night! I like to lay between them and stretch out so they almost fall off the bed MOL. It is what we are supposed to do right? In the morning when the alarm goes off at 6, I get excited and scream because we get to go upstairs and that mean FOOD. So i like to try and jump off the bed and run to the door, but mom is super sneaky and always grabs me so i can't jump off the bed, hrmph.

This morning, I wanted food early. So at 4:30 in the morning, I decided to go to the potty and poop, and then go to the other potty and poop some more, then track it around a little so that mom and dad had to get up. So i got to have my breakfast at 5am. NOM NOM!

Look at how good my typing is now? i have been practicing on twitter lots. Not so much this past two days, it has been cold and I have sleeped lots instead.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Just my duties

Mom was suffering a migraine yesterday so she couldn't log into the computer for me to do diaree. I was by the patio after I had my breakfast and then I looked and couldn't see the top of her head by the couch. I knew something was wrong, so I called to her and got no answer. Then I had to go see if she was ok! When I saw her sleeping on the couch and moaning in her sleep, I knew I had to watch her! So this was the first thing she saw when she woke up… ME, watching over her. She told me I did a great job taking care of her & me.

This week has been boring. Between some headaches, and being in heat I haven't done much. I watched the birds A LOT, did our regular walk therapy, bit dads feet, chased the dog so i could bite his feet, I tunnelled a little bit, not too much goodness. I mostly relaxed. 

Mom and me were reading comments and saw something awful though… A couple comments by two ladies who were not up to speed on me and what is wrong with me. They made a mistake and said some really horrible things about me, but mostly about mom. I guess this just happens on pages, and mom got SO mad, like SO mad I have never seen her like that! She put me down off her lap, and she made a pot of coffee and then looked at me and said "Merida, these people just do not understand! I love you SO much, and I know you love me, and you ARE getting better! You are! You aren't sick, you never were sick, so WHY don't people listen to us? Why don't the vets listen, why do people type stuff so hurtful on your page?!" Then, she just stopped talking and I thought something was wrong, so I   coo'd at her, and she blinked. So I coo'd again and then meowed at her, I was like "Mom? MOM!?" and she grabbed me, and hugged me and scratched my head until I purred, and then she said, "You know what Pookie.. People just don't understand. Thats why mommy started your pages, to help people understand. So let's do that!" She kissed me and went quiet and started typing so fast, like so fast i never seen before! By the time she was done, she made a diaree herself and posted good stuff about us on there, and some of my furends too. You can read it here if you missed it, but she says we have to share it LOTS! 

Sometimes I think that moms purple hair, gave her super powers… I know it tasted good.     

My fundraiser is still going on too, fur my treatments.   and also we have furends and family furidays too! Go here if you want to find out the details on that. 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Can't say i'm not trying...

Well mom got a picture of me trying to walk. Can't say I'm not trying right? I practice every day by myself and mom helps me practice too a lot everyday. Now if I could just quit being so darn dizzy, I think i totally GOT THIS!

If you never saw, mom asked my Dr questions that yous guys usually ask, and my Dr answered! Yous guys can see that here: Vet Q&A Mom says she will put it on my site soon enough, she is busy busy right now with me and her appointments too. She got my fundraiser up this week, and is working on a channel for me and so much more. I am pretty sure my mom is magic… There is nothing she doesn't do, and on almost no sleep!

I had my acupuncture and have been getting some headaches, so mom has been giving me medicine for those but i can't take too much or I get nerve pain and it REALLY hurts!! But mommy knows how much to give me to help. I love her! Thanks to a secret furend, I got a new toy.. AND monies to my treatments! Mom put an update in my fundraiser because she found a physiotherapy Dr that will work with me, but mom is straightening things out with her. She said I have CH (cerebellar hypoplasia), and if you know.. my CT scan said NO I don't have it. My brain is 100% fine.

Moms breaking out the NIP!!!! GOTTA GO!!!

xoxo Luvs Merida

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Heats suck. Twitter is fun!

I am done my number two heat from this month. This is cat-tastic to me! Stupid heat. I didn't do much, I coo'ed, I sleeped, I followed the dog, bit my dad for attention, just the usual. It's been two days now and no more, yaay!

I have a Drs appointment coming up soon. We get to discuss more about no more heat, we will see what she says. Mom says not to get all excited because it is hard to find someone who would like me as much as mommy and my Dr do. I don't get that, what's not to like?

I have been playing on Twitter, when moms phone works, and with my new toys from when Santa Paws came. Twitter is so fun, theres so many kitties and doggies to talk to on there!! But then, moms phone acts up and I can't see pictures or tweets don't load and then I get bored and go play with my tunnel, or new mouses. You can see my spelling is getting better cuz i tweet lots with a spellcheck! This nice lady got me a rainbow tunnel, and its SO fun cuz you can pounce at Star when she walks by, you can run out and tackle dads feet if he doesn't know you are there, you can pretend there is a mousey invasion and you have to block both ways out so you have to run back and forth to make sure they don't come in! Mom said our living room sometimes looks like a mousey apocalypse when she puts all my toys down.

Been working at walking, but it's kind of making me mad again because I know i wanna go but I am SO dizzy and I just can't even get back up after I am walking. Mom says we need to keep pushing it still and I have learned to trust her. She says my centre gravity is doing good though. Whatever that means.

Mom has been real busy or not feeling well. She has been doing my website, and a few other things she says I can't tell about yet on the computer. Her phone was not letting her save my videos and pictures so she reset it and now she says its still a mess, maybe even more a mess so I can't touch it. I still sneak it into my tunnel and go on twitter, MOL!!