Friday, June 19, 2015

Nurse Merida

Mom catcher dads cold an so she has been really REALLY sick!! Its so bad fur her cuz she already has dizzy an other probs still so I have to take care of her. 

I been a good girl an playin by myself, an cuddlin and purring fur her to help heal her. I think its working cuz she says she feels a bit better today. She even let me go outside today in my playpen, made me a box house an she told me she is purroud of me fur being such a good girl an a good helper while she is sick. Hope she is better soon so we can play an walk again. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Angels among us

I got these grate toys today, an as I was playin with my cool spring things I heard what sounded like mommy cryin! I listened again, an I was right. Mommy was cryin :( So I said from behind the couch "mommy! Are you ok???? Mommy??" she stopped fur a second an came around the couch to come see what i needed, but i said "no mommy i dont need anything, whats wrong mommy?" I rubbed my face against her ankle an purred. She sat down on the floor with me an put me on her lap an hugged an kissed me. I rubbed her face an tapped it and then she said this to me:
"Merida, you remember when you hurt yourself and you struggled SO hard all the time and you JUST made it by everyday? That is how mom and dad have been feeling for years now after the car accident, especially after losing our baby, with one tragedy after another and we struggle every day really hard and we JUST make it by. It makes you tired all the time doesn't it sweetie?" I purred an licked her tears. I grabbed her arm and started giving her more kisses than anyone gets in years!!! Then when I was kissin her, she said:
"Remember when mommy came and scooped you up out of the very hot grass Merida? You were really scared and didn't know what was going to happen, did you? But I didn't give you a choice and I took you home with me. Everyone called me your angel, and I know you feel that mommy is your angel, don't you sweetie? Well mommy and daddy just got their own angel and its a scary feeling and it makes you cry because you are so happy that words can't say it, so you cry and the tears are better than words. I know you get it Merida." she scratched my whiskers and I couldn't purr loud enough to say how happy I was then an I GOT IT! That was what mom was feeling!!

Mom went on to esplain to me that an angel had paid ALL of our bills that piled up from dads injury, an stopped the nasty regular phone calls fur monies. It was lots of monies! She said that angels were very very rare, but they are out there an she vowed to pay this forward somehow. She isn't sure how yet because she always does everything she can to help anyone, an anything furry too MOL. So I told her she will figure it out, I believe in her that she will find a way. She rubbed my nose, an I curled up in her lap for a nap... with her sitting on the floor. MOL!

                               <3 T H A N K  Y O U  S P E C I A L  A N G E L! <3

Angels walk among us. They may not have wings, and may not fly. But they slowly are changing our world for the greater good. Dedicated to all the angels out there who do things to help or make society a better place for all.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A grate vet date!

I said I would put in my diarre how my vet date went. It went so good!! Mom put me down as we checked in an I went to my exam room (you can see how i do that here: an i waited fur Dr.Marshall to come see me. She said Hi and I comed and purred up on her an rubbed my face bein all cute. She fixed my neck, back an hips fur me an she even walked me around too like mommy does!! She was holding me an i walked her all around the room MoL! 

Jen was really happy. Like REALLY REALLY happy! She says i am doin the best she has ever seen me do! My eye jitters are almost gone 100%, i do spready toes with my feets now (ya even my back feets!), almost all the fluid behind my eers is gone, my colon feels like its starting to heal up a a bit, my coat is silky shiny smooooooth, an i am what they call at the office "full of P&V". Full of piss an viniger, i did tell them I didn have to pee tho. I have no clue. 

Mom put me down to pay after an i tan away without a sound! Jodi the tech tried to find me an it took her a bit. She was amazed cuz i made no sound on the hardwood doin flip flops to go explore after treatment, thats cuz i actually walked most of it. She giggled cuz im still a stealthy ninja cat, even tho i am wobbly!

Don't furget we have bracelets too fur sale! PayPal $8USD per bracelet via an we are still accepting any donations fur my medical treatment fund and also fur living expenses with mom an dad BOTH being seriously hurt an unable to work. Hoping dad heals soon!!! 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Maybe gettin better?

As you know, mommys ENT guy figured out her dizzy issue, an that just might be mine too! I have all the same problems and problem areas. So mommy and Dr.Marshall have put together a health plan fur me to see if it gets me better because tests say I am all healthy and fine. It might be my sternomastoid muscle (mom had to type that fur me) that goes into my ear.

Photo courtesy of
So this muscle in people sends stuff to the brain about where your head is off the floor and how far the floor is to you. It sends the wrong stuff to mommys brain and so she when moves her brain thinks she didn't stop moving or that she is too far right or left and makes her body move to fix it. That is what happens to me too! So we are trying the treatment fur this on me an so far it is going good. I don't fall over when I look up now, and i can walk when mom walks me for longer without gettin dizzy and trying to fall over!
We will keep everyone posted as we keep going, but my treatments have gone from 1 time a month to 2 times now and each visit is $154 (you can see my bills on my facebook pictures) so we are asking fur donations of any amount of course to try and help me get better to hopefully help other wobbly kitties get better in the future. If you can donate Paypal to or share my story, tweets, diaree, or facebook. Even sharing is caring!

Twitter: @savedmerida

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Healing continued

Mom says my spay belly is looking really good. I see my Dr next week and she will tell me fur sure, not that I don't trust mom. Ok well I don't sometimes! That is only because she tells me stuff is good fur me and it tastes yucky or hurts.. like fisseoh!

The weather has my ears a mess. I am so wobbly and tired lately so I don't play too much but I sure do love snuggles and belly rubs now since I got spayeded. They make me so happy that I purr so hard my nose is wet and I drool now! Its kinda funny, but mom wipes my chin fur me. Its good to make her feel needed right?

There just isn't much to tell. We are practising climbing an walking again. My legs and ears say no but I push through it because then I get to go where the big cats go and chase them. Well, try and chase them. Dad says I try real hard and one day… I WILL catch Star! MOL

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Healing up

Just loungin
Mommy talked to the vet today because I sometimes have trouble peeing, but the vet says i should be ok in a bit. Its from my spaying and swelling.

I got to go outside and sit in my playpen! It was real nice, and then there was a birdie on the feeder next to me, I FROZE so he didnt see me move! I got to see him eat. I was THIS CLOSE TO A BIRDIE!! ---> <---- OMC it was scarey!

We had Canada thanks giving this weekend, but we all didn't feel good so we didnt do anything much. The weather was cold windy, and me and mom were so dizzy. Moms tried to fix a furends computer but she felt too icky so we all just snuggled and watched TV and had naps. Mom and dad caught a cold.

Mom says I purr much more now, and I dont bite faces since I got spayeded. I get lonely though at night, even tho i know mom and dad are right there on the bed above me, its not close enough. So I cry a little at night, but its ok cuz mom comes and gets me and lets me kiss her and gives me scratches and kisses. She even wraps me in my purple blankey and rubs me until I get sleepy. Moms are so grate! Just don't tell them much because then they might stop or do too much and be annoying! So its our secret how grate moms really are!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Spay date, er... spay update i mean!

It has been a week and a half now since I got spayeded, and I saw Dr. Marshall on Monday and she looked at my boo boo and said it was good. She said I was doing real good and she can see big things coming fur me now that this is done. I hope so! Something has to make it worth it, cuz i still have a owie and I cant play like before right now. This is stupid! I dont know what they did exactly to me, but I am feeling a bit better than normal sometimes.

I like to let daddy pet my belly even more now, but not mom cuz she is mean. I still get sad when dad goes away to work, so I cry an wait a the gate fur him every day. Sigh. He takes so long to come home sometimes!

Mom got me a new playpen and litterbox. I dont like the new box, and she wont let me try the new playpen yet so I just eat it while its folded up. It tastes pretty good. Maybe if I eat enough she will give it to me? She says we have to make rooms for it or something, I don't know. I really only half pay attention to mom on a good day. Unless she has chickin, then I have to give her my full attention because well, ITS CHICKIN!!

I didn't know until I went to write this that mom snuck this video of me. What do you think? Doing a bit better?

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